Dell inspiron 7778 7779 PVHT1 15.2V56Wh laptop battery 33YDH

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Wholesale 15.2V 51 - 60 Wh Li-ion Dell Battery compatible with Dell inspiron 7778 7779 PVHT1 15.2V56Wh laptop battery 33YDH for $47.98 at Batterit Official Store
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Dell inspiron 7778 7779 PVHT1 15.2V56Wh laptop battery 33YDH


1. Please double check the model of your laptop before purchase. If you are unsure what your current battery specification is, please contact us and we will gladly help.
2. When you start to repair, please ground yourself is an ESD (electro static discharge) strap.

This battery is applicable to:
Replace part number:
33YDH Fit for Laptop Models: For Dell G3 15 3579, G3 17 3779, G3-3579( i5-8300H), G5 15 5587, G5 5587-D1545B, G5 5587-D1745B, G5 5587-D1745R, G5 5587-D1765B, G5 5587-D1765R, G5 5587-D1865B, G5 5587-D2545B, G5 5587-D2545R, G5 5587-D2565B, G5 5587-D2565R, G5 5587-D2645B, G5 5587-D2645R, G5 5587-D2745B, G5 5587-D2745R, G5 5587-D2765B, G5 5587-D2765R, G7 7588-D1545B, G7 7588-D1545W, G7 7588-D1565B, G7 7588-D1565W, G7 7588-D1745B, G7 7588-D1745W, G7 7588-D1765B, G7 7588-D1765W, G7 7588-D1865W, G7 7588-D1965W, G7 7588-D2545B, G7 7588-D2545W, G7 7588-D2565B, G7 7588-D2565W, G7 7588-D2745B, G7 7588-D2745W, G7 7588-D2765B, G7 7588-D2765W, G7 7588-D2865B, G7 7588-D2865W, G7 7588-D2965W, G7 7588-D2965W0, For Ins 15-5580-D2525L, For Ins 15-7577-D1645B, For Ins 15-7577-D1665B, For Ins 15-7577-D1745B, For Ins 15-7577-D1745R, For Ins 15-7577-D1765B, For Ins 15-7577-D1865B, For Ins 15-7577-D2765B, For Ins 15GD-1765L, For Ins 15PD-7545BR, For Ins 15PD-7565BR, For Ins 15PD-7645BR, For Ins 15PD-7745BR, For Ins 15PD-7749BR, For Ins 15PD-7765BR, For Ins 15PD-8545BR, For Ins 15PD-8645BR, For Ins 15PD-8745BR, For Ins 15PD-8765BR, For Ins 15PR-6545B, For Ins 15PR-6745B, For Ins 17PD-1745B, For Ins 17PD-1765B, For Ins 17PD-1865B, For Ins 17PD-2765B, For Ins 17PD-2865B, For Ins G3 3579-D2645BL, For  Ins G3 3579-R1545BL, For Ins G3 3579-R1745BL, 15 7577, 17 (7778), 17 7773, 17 7778, 17 7779, 7779, 14 3490, 15 3580, 15 3590, 3490, N005L3490-D1316CN, N010L3490-D1566CN, N016L3490-D1526CN, N025L3490-D1766FCN, N032L3490-D1556CN, N038L3490-D1516CN, N041L3490-D1756CN, N064L3490-D1586CN, 15 7570, 15 7580, 15-7570-D1545S, 15-7570-D1645S, 15-7570-D1745S, 15-7570-D2645S, 15-7570-D2665S, 15-7570-D2765S, 15-7580-D1545S, 15-7580-D1645S, 15-7580-D1665S, 15-7580-D1745S, 15-7580-D2765S, 15-7580-D3745S, 15-7580-D3765S
Battery TypeLi-ion
watt_hour_capacity51 - 60 Wh
Part TypeBattery
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